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Pet Friendly Flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring

We know that pets aren’t just domestic animals; they’re a part of the family! At Johnson Carpet One Floor & Home, we understand that your family needs the best in flooring. Whether you need to protect against scratches, scrapes, dents, or accidents, we have flooring that makes having pets and beautiful flooring possible. From stain-resistant, waterproof, and wear-resistant floors, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to achieve your design goals while getting the easy maintenance of pet-friendly flooring.


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Pet-Friendly Waterproof Flooring

There are a few different types of waterproof flooring available today, with luxury vinyl being one of the most popular. Luxury vinyl comes in styles that mimic hardwood or stone so you can get the style you prefer in your home. Luxury vinyl is ideal for pets that could scratch up other floors because it includes a durable wear layer that keeps dents and scratches from occurring. It is also one of the sturdiest materials for high traffic areas, so even if your animals like to run around the house, you won’t have to worry! In addition, because luxury vinyl comes in waterproof options, pet accidents won’t seep through the floors into the subfloor because luxury vinyl creates a seal between boards.


We carry a few different types of pet-friendly waterproof luxury vinyl like COREtec and Invincible™ H2O™. Both brands have a wide selection of styles that are made to fit your home perfectly.



Pet-Friendly Carpet

Pet-friendly carpet does exist, and it saves homeowners from disasters. With features like stain-resistance, pet-friendly carpet can help by keeping pet accidents from permeating into the material, ultimately making it easy to clean! Who wouldn’t want carpet that is simple to clean even after mishaps happen? With pet-friendly carpet, you don’t have to worry!   

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